For more information, please call 432-381-5552 or email us at

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A few simple park rules.
1. No Pets
2. No Washing Vehicles
3. Always park on parking pads only.
4. Your guest staying longer than 3 days are considered permanent and extras fees apply.
5.  Contact management prior to digging or putting stakes in the ground.  All utilities are underground.
6. No outside appliances of any kind.
7. Put only household trash in the dumpster.  DO NOT put anything along side of the dumpster.  This is considered littering.
8.  Disturbances of any type are strictly prohibited.
9.  We reserve the right to refuse to accept further site fees from any person who fails to comply with these rules and may request that their space be vacated immediately with no refunds.
Note: Park is operated under host/guest arrangement and does not fall under the landlord/tenant act.  Section 31.04 Penal Code.